Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Oh No!

A New man? Sources for Life & Style magazine are saying Brit has quitley been dating this mystery guy for the past few weeks.
According to the never trust-worthy Life & Style via X17, Britney"instantly fell for Michael Marchand", an actor employed by the restaurant as a waiter. Since then, the mag reports that "they're always texting each other" - and that they've had at least one date at Britney's mansion. The two were spotted over at Mirabelle. Everyone always assumes Britney is dating a guy she is just chillin out with. Sam was there last night, too!
I hope Brit knows what she is doing with this one! His status seems a bit to similar to K-feds at the beginning! A wannabe!


A source close to Britney's camp says exclusively to that Michael, a firefighter in training and the guy the media is already speculating to be Britney's new boy toy, is simply just a friend of Sam Lutfi. The source says Michael is very respectful to Britney, but the two are just friends.Or are they...