Saturday, 29 December 2007

Blog Information!

Hey guys just a quick note to tell you guys about the new commenting service i am using! From now on i would love it if you guys posted commentes on my posts! But i know that alot of people wouldent comment because you may not have blogger accounts! So i have now gone on this amazing commenting service! So now you can send comments without an account! Its super cool so check it out by clicking comments at the end of this post! So guys try and leave feedback and comments for my posts! I would appreciate it!

Also... Just a reminder to tell you guys to all register to the forum! Click HERE to go to the forum and register! At the forum you can find sections where you can request music and videos and many more things! It is easier for me if you request on the forum because on the cbox the comments get deleted and I loose track on whats been requested! So head on down to my new Britney & More forum!

Thanks guys,
From Millad!