Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Me And Blog Update:


Update On Me!

So today I had my french oral GCSE! Argh was very scary but all went okay hopefully :).

Update On Blog!

As you may no, hopefully by the latest tonight, this blog will no longer me just a "blog" it will be a website as we will be BRITNEYANDMORE.COM Oh yeah!

Update On Updaters!

Just another quick note to say I am looking for some more updaters! I need someone for media someone for news someone for whatever other talents you may have for example graphics! Dont worry if you want to become an updater but are affraid you will have to much work cut out for you, DONT, because you do not have to post everyday. I only expect updaters to post whenever they have time. No pressure ;) If you want to become and updater simply email - admin@britneyandmore.com

Update On Britney!

Last but definatly not least, click the pic above (MAKE SURE YOU CLICK)to see just how HOT Britney is looking these days. Shes been working out quite alot and is looking hotter than ever.
Love ya B!