Saturday, 3 May 2008

New Britney Demo


Something More - HQ Clip

Something More - LQ Full Clip

Sorry I am late posting this I had a busy night yesturday! Some people do not believe this is really Britney however if you listen to the HQ clip first then you will think it is Britney. This song is a beautiful track and I hope we get the full HQ. Enjoy!

Sorry guys, the case has been cracked. "Something More" is NOT sung by Britney, but by some girl named Rebecca Rudolf. Check out her MySpace. I called that shit. We got Punk'd! Felt good for a moment though. Time to delete it off my iTunes!

Source: Breatheheavy

That sucks! :(! Oh well I was happy for a couple days! LOL! I NEED new Britney music ;)