Monday, 8 September 2008

SHE F****** DID IT!

Britney's Opening

As already promised by MTV, Britney opens this year VMA's. But how. Not in a musical way (as already announced by Larry Rudolph), but with a sketch recorded a few hours ago. Then she came. Some cameras followed Britney on her way back to the stage. And then... she went on the stage. People welcomed her with a Standing Ovation. It was the most emotional moment of the whole show...

Strike No.1

Britney was nominated a lot of times, but never won a 'moonman'. But this year, everthing changed. Only a few minutes after her fantastic opening, she needed to go on the stage again. 'Piece Of Me' was nominated in the category 'Best Female'. And she won. "I want to thank God, my family and my little boys, which are giving me new inspiration every day. And then - of course, I want to thank my fans - it's for you!", she said, when she took her award.

Strike No.2

Britney needed to wait more than an hour, to win her next Moonman. "Best Pop" was the category, where she was nominated the 2nd time. Just before the break you could read on screen: "Britney's biggest night - see it in 5 mins!". And it should be Britty's biggest night. Fighting against Tokio Hotel (btw, I'm German and I hate TH), she finally triumphied. Paris Hilton, who was giving the award to Brit, was very satisfied about Britney's triumph. It was looking like Britney NOW was realising that she already won an award. "This Moonman is cool. I'm kinda ... speechless. I want to thank God again. I'm so blessed. (...) I want to say thanks to Jive Records, Barry Weiss and Larry Rudolph, too, because they always believed in me. And of course my fans. This means so much to me. Thank you so much.

Strike No.3 - The 'King-Discipline'

After she was waiting for a Moonman so long time, nearly 10 years, she finally won 2. But that shouldn't be everything. She was nominated for 'Video of the year', too. And that's the best you can get. AND SHE WON! Now she officially made the best video in 2008. Kobe Bryant, an NBA-Star, gave the Moonman to her. When she came on stage, you were able to see, that she already was in routine. "Wow, thanks a lot. I'm shocked right now. I didn't expected it. It's so amazing to win this category and I want to dedicate this award to my great fans out there. Thank's for you help. It's for you!"

Finally, she was the winner of the evening. Every category she was nominated - she won. I'm so glad Britney has made it. You should tell everyone about this, even if they don't like Britney and said, she won't have a comeback. Britney is back - fuckin' better than ever. Who's able to do this better, if not Britney by herself? We will see next VMAs. But at first, I want Brit's new album. RIGHT NOW! ;))