Thursday, 11 October 2007


1"Gimme More" (4:11)
2"Piece of Me" (3:32)
3"Radar" (3:49)
4"Break the Ice" (3:16)
5"Heaven on Earth" (4:52)
6"Get Naked (I Got a Plan)" (4:52)
7"Freakshow" (2:55)
8"Toy Soldier" (3:21)
9"Hot as Ice" (3:16)
10"Ooh Ooh Baby" (3:28)
11"Perfect Lover" (3:02)
12"Why Should I Be Sad" (3:10)

This tracklist was posted on wikipedia under blackout. Im guessing hot as ice is cold as fire and why should i be sad is stupid things but im not sure about the last one. Maybe the duluxe edition has more songs on it :)