Tuesday, 16 October 2007

U.K Tracklist For Blackout

"Gimme More" 4:11
"Piece of Me" () 3:32
"Radar" 3:49
"Break the Ice" 3:16
"Heaven on Earth" 4:52
"Get Naked (I Got a Plan)" 4:34
"Freakshow" 2:55
"Toy Soldier" 3:21
"Hot as Ice" 3:16
"Ooh Ooh Baby" 3:28
"Perfect Lover" 3:02
"Why Should I Be Sad?" 3:10
"Outta This World" 3:30 UK & Japan bonus track
"Everybody" 4:15 UK & Japan bonus track
"Get Back" 3:40 UK & Japan bonus track

As you can see for UK and Japan were in for some extra songs :). This is reported by Wikipedia which means it must be true :).Also UK and Japan offten get bonus tracks off Britney's Albums :) IM SO HAPPY GET BACK AND EVERYBODY ARE ON THERE NOW!!! I LOVE THEM AND CANT WAIT TO HEAR WHAT OUTTA THIS WORLD SOUNDS LIKE.

"Gimme More (Paul Oakenfold Remix)" TBA Japan bonus track
The above was also on wikiepdia however will only be on the Japenise version.

Im so hapy I live In England!!!
Is it just me or is the album cover growing on you? I'm Starting to really LOVE it!