Sunday, 23 December 2007

Britney Goes Off At The Paps!

FINALLY! Britney gives the paps a piece of her mind when she is trying to get into her car! This is really about time! All they do is follow her everywhere night and day! Sometimes you just need to let off some steam! I would have yelled at them waaaaay before now! Love You Brit!
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All brit is trying to do is have some fun with them and says "let me take a picture im just like you!" But noooo they still have to keep taking her picture so she cant see! When shes had enough they wont even let her through so Brit swears at one of them! Its priceless! She then wacks her camera against one of the paps cars and i think that is when she loses her memory card! She later comes back to find it and leaves in one of the paps cars ! New man? haha.I can see the headlines now! "Horny brit picks up a randam man In the middle of the night!"