Wednesday, 19 December 2007

My Take On This Shocking News!

When I first saw this picture i didnt know what to think, now I know that it is indeed true i am very disturbed. Not only do I think it is shocking that she is pregnant at 16, i find it very horrific to see that she has sold her story, not just to any magazine, but to the magazine that made up a horrid story about Britney's "behaviour" at a photoshoot! So that is one reason why I am angry.
Another reason why I am angry is the fact that Britney didnt even know! She has to find out by the Paps! She found out the same time we did! Jamie Lynn told a shitty magazine before she even told her sister!
One of the burning questions is 'Will Jamie Lynn Be Sacked On Zoey 101'
I believe she should be fired! They can not seriously let Jamie work on a programe that targets a young audiance! Some people will not let their children watch a show where the main character is pregnant at the age of 16. I for one, if i was a parent, would nto let my child watch it!
I am not bagging on Jamie im just very worried about the decisions shes been making! The one thing im most angry about is the fact that she didnt even tell Britney! If i was Britney I would be heartbroken that i didnt know before a magazine knew!
Overall I would like to state that i wish Jamie all the best luck but I do not really respect her anymore! Thats all i will write on this topic as my site is not for Jamie Lynn but for her sister Britney. Ill end my showing you Britney's official statment about this matter, I think we should all take Britney's advice and give Jamie Lynn her privacy! (although if privacy is what Jamie Lynn wanted then why would she sell her story??)
I hope you know what your are doing with your life Jamie!

"Britney is aware of the news of Jamie Lynn's pregnancy. She wishes her sister nothing but the best and asks for privacy during this time."
- Britney's camps official statement!

I'd Also lastly like to state! Seeing as i support Britney and everything she does, I thought it was clear that I I do support Jamie Lynn and truley wish her the best with her baby and i hope she will have a very healthy pregnancy and birth. I still love Jamie Lynn, I just feel a little bit dissapointed with her but i truley wish her the best!

I want to know what you think about this!