Friday, 4 January 2008

Guys! WTF Is Going On!!!

I actually feel sick! What is happening. Im so scared right now.
Heres the lowdown of what happend last night!
These articles are from X17:

After today's brief deposition, Kevin Federline's lawyer entered Britney's house shortly before 8pm, followed by 4 LAPD cop cars!
Us reports that police were called in when Britney refused to turn the kid's over to Kevin's bodyguards.
Not long after their arrival, photogs spotted Brit's friend Sam entering her Beverly Hills compound.
In addition to the cop cars, 3 LAPD police helicopters arrived around 10 pm, and are circling overhead, searching the grounds with spotlights. The Fire Department is on the scene as well!


Sources on the ground are telling X17 that Britney has locked herself and her two young boys, Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, inside her house and is refusing to let anyone in.
As we
reported earlier, there are 3 LAPD choppers overhead training their searchlights on the ground, as well as numerous police vehicles and fire rescue on the scene.
This is clearly a very serious situation, and we do hope that no one is hurt!


The Pop Princess is exhausted after a dramatic night where the police and fire departments were called to her Hollywood hillside mansion. Chauffeured in an ambulance Britney ended the night at Cedars-Sinai Medial Center where the singer and mother of two will undergo a medical evaluation. Spears' son Jayden-James was removed from his mother's mansion by medical staff.


Medics wearing protective gloves transport Britney to a facility for a full evaluation and treatment.


Britney’s second born Jayden James was carried into the same hospital where his mother is receiving treatment.

Everyone Just Pray!

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