Friday, 4 January 2008

My Opinion

This picture is truley heartbreaking! I cant believe this is happeing. But all we can do as devoted fans is to support Britney throughout everything. We all need to Pray for Brit at this time. I for one will support her no matter what! Some people may say im one of those deluded fans but I'm really not. I can see Britney may need some help. But i choosee to stick with, and support her through this difficult time. In my opinion something like this was bound to happen sooner or later. After this crazy custody battle Britney was bound to break at one point! Loosing your children must be hard to any mother but all of Britneys battle is world wide news. How much harder do you think it is for Britney! Paparazzi actually make me sick. They are partly to blame for this! All they do is basically stalk Britney wherever she goes! Even when she is being carried out on a strecher and being taken to the hospital in an ambulence they have to get their cameras out and start snapping away! They can even leave her in peace when she is in an ambulence! For godness sake!
I love you Britney!

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