Sunday, 24 February 2008

Britney With Kids!

So here's how the reunion went down:
The boys left Kevin Federline's at 9 am, driven by Lonnie, Kevin's bodyguard, in the gray Dodge Viper truck.
Per the legal agreement that Brit's dad Jamie helped craft and which was approved by Commissioner Scott Gordon late last night, the boys could visit Brit only if certain rules were followed.
The rules were: several people had to be with Briney and the boys while the visit took place only within the confines of her living room. The list of people included Jamie, a court-ordered monitor, a psychiatrist, KFed's security and a lawyer fromLuce-Forward who act as half of her conservator team.
Britney was not allowed to take the boys away from the common area, where the several observers were stationed. This requirement was in place because we all remember happened on January 3, when Britney took Jayden into her bathroom for three hours. Britney hadn't seen the boys since that day. She's had very infrequent phone chats with Sean and Jayden since then.
The visit was to last no more than three hours and, in fact, the boys left Britney's promptly at noon.

Source: X17 Online

So happy Brit's back with the kids!