Wednesday, 27 February 2008


This is the same magazine that said Britney and Adnan got married in Mexico. Apparently their still sticking with that story!

Only weeks after Britney Spears drove to Rosarita Beach, Mexico to exchange marriage vows with Adnan Ghalib, the paparazzo is bragging to friends that she is going to have his baby, Star has learned exclusively.
And what do you know! The fallen pop princess' belly is starting to show a little bulge, in spite of hours of classes at the Millennium Dance Complex."
Britney is Adnan's dream come true. He knows that if he has a child with Brit, he'll be made for life," one friend of Adnan's tells Star.
But while Adnan, 35, may be happy, Britney's family is not. Dad Jamie has stabilized her life and the last thing he and her mom Lynne wants is another grandchild. "Her parents know she can't handle more children," says a Spears family source.
For the full story, plus details of Britney's happy reunion with her sons, pick up this week's issue of Star.

Anyone else think this is complete bull? Dont believe ONE word!