Thursday, 26 June 2008

Court Updates! - Brit Gets Overnight Visits!

Britney & More

An "reporter in the courtroom confirms that all parties are present in the courtroom.

Britney, looking professional and serious in a white shirt and khaki capri pants is sitting next to her father, bouncing a wedged heel up and down while she sips from a water bottle.

Kevin looks calm in a grey suit and no tie.

Both Laura Wasser and Mark Vincent Kaplan have been summoned to the commish's chambers, stay tuned for updates on the private convo!"

UPDATE--- 9:08 am PST: "Blair Berk, one of Britney's other attorneys, is currently speaking with the pop singer as she waits in the front row. Sounds like the conversation's going well, too - our reporter says she's smiling!

Britney's father Jamie is sitting one seat away, while Kevin staked out a spot on the opposite side of court."

UPDATE--- 10:04 am PST: In what feels like the 10,000th hearing in the Britney Spears and Kevin Federline custody battle, the pop singer is making a rare court appearance this morning in her attempt to regain overnight visitations with her two sons.

According to case insiders, Britney had originally asked for an unscheduled, ex-parte hearing to ask that the court grant her the right to have little Sean Preston and Jayden James, who will turn 3- and 2-years-old respectively in September, spend the night at her home. Instead, the court scheduled today's hearing so Brit and her lawyer could "show cause" as to why she deserves these extended visits.

Brit-Brit, wearing a white, cap-sleeved cotton blouse, four-inch platform wedges, and khaki capri pants, arrived slightly before 8:30am PT, just in time for the hearing to begin. She was joined by her dad, Jamie Spears, his A-list lawyer Blair Berk. Also with the Spears entourage is Andrew Wallet, Jamie's court-appointed co-conservator of Britney's estate.

What was missing from the team on Brit's side of the courtroom was her own lawyer — Stacy Phillips, who OK! has confirmed has been fired by the pop star. In a bit of deja vu, attorney Laura Wasser, who had been removed from the case ages ago by Britney, is once again — at least temporarily — repping the singer.

"You can't keep track of this without a scorecard," a spokesperson for the court joked with OK! after hearing the news.

Wasser and K-Fed's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, met with commissioner Scott Gordon for around an hour while Brit and her ex waited in holding rooms nearby. It is expected that there will be some announcement of what was discussed in the not-so-distant future.

Laura Wasser, Britney's newly re-appointed custody lawyer, has asked that the entire courtroom be cleared under family court order 214 which states:

Except as otherwise provided in this code or by court rule, the court may, when it considers it necessary in the interests of justice and the persons involved, direct the trial of any issue of fact joined in a proceeding under this code to be private, and may exclude all persons except the officers of the court, the parties, their witnesses, and counsel.

According to, both Britney & Kevin have been sworn in.

UPDATE 10:00 AM PT --- Wasser is sitting by Britney. Brit's drinking from a water bottle, and K Daddy's there in a suit, sporting his usual mohawk. After the bathroom break, Britney and K-Fed were both sworn in by the clerk. When it was Brit's turn, the commish asked her to state her name and she just said, "Britney." The commish then said, "Full name, please." Then she replied Britney Spears. The Commish then granted a request to close the courtroom.



Britney's visitation has increased with her boys Sean Preston & Jayden James according to!

The commissioner "agreed in court today she's ready to have sons Jayden James and Sean Preston with her overnight.Britney's parenting coach Lisa Hacker was at the hearing today, and answered several questions from the Commish. Britney, who was all business in the courtroom, smiled as she left the courthouse.They'll be back in court again July 15th."Congrats Britney you've earned it! So proud of you!